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Van Gogh National Park

The colleges of Zundert, Etten-Leur and Breda have approved the concept Masterplan Van Gogh National Park (Van Gogh NP), which was presented today 30 March (Vincent Van Gogh's birthday) to Minister Schouten of Agriculture, Nature and Food Quality ( LNV). The three municipalities join together as equal partners with the existing 37 Brabant parties. The then 40 parties then work together to strengthen the nature reserve in the region and to integrate nature, landscape, culture and the regional economy.

Van Gogh National Park
The collaboration ensures the preservation and strengthening of nature and biodiversity, a beautiful and healthy living environment, sustainable agriculture, sustainable tourism and strengthening the business climate in Brabant. It fits in with the values that Van Gogh stood for: an eye for nature, landscape and people. The National Park label opens doors for a range of activities and developments in West Brabant. It shows that your area really matters, it generates budgets and it gives focus to new partners, companies and institutions. The Master Plan is in fact a sketchbook for the landscape of the 21st century. In the park, the knowledge economy of Brainport and BrabantStad coincide with beautiful nature reserves, the small-scale Brabant forest landscape and the tangible legacy of Van Gogh.

Added value for municipalities in West Brabant
The municipalities of Zundert, Etten-Leur and Breda are enthusiastic to participate in this development. It gives an unambiguous label to the region and ensures that, with a good approach, all three municipalities benefit from this brand. A clear brand and a clear message can boost all kinds of tourist, cultural and social developments. With the birthplace (Zundert), his first years as an artist (Etten-Leur), his family ties (Breda) and the paintings and drawings from this area, it is a logical choice to embrace the Van Gogh National Park. The municipalities have confidence in the further elaboration of the Master Plan.

Alderman Johan de Beer, Alderman Zundert (left on the photo): “I am here at the Kleine Beek in Zundert. Vincent Van Gogh was inspired by the waterfront and the agricultural landscape. The same waterfront, the streams, now form the basis for the Van Gogh National Park. Van Gogh National Park is a great joint compass for the future. ”

Kees van Aert, Alderman Etten-Leur (center): “Vincent Van Gogh wrote and drew a lot in and about Etten-Leur. That is why the Van Gogh National Park suits us well. I am standing here along the Laakse Vaart, this place with the pollard willows is known from the drawings and paintings by Vincent van Gogh. ”

Marianne de Bie, councilor of Breda (right): “Breda has a rich history with many family ties with Vincent van Gogh. A collaboration in the West Brabant region shows that we are fully prepared for the future of a National Park with high ambitions. ”

Partners Partners in Van Gogh NP
Province of Noord-Brabant, Staatsbosbeheer, Brabant Private Land Property, Eindhoven Airport, Van Gogh Sites Foundation, IVN, VisitBrabant, ZLTO, Rabobank, Brabants Landschap, Natuurmonumenten, VNO-NCW, Stichting Zet, Stichting Nationaal Landschap Het Groene Woud, the 3 water boards and 23 municipalities, including the B5.