Bisschopsmolen Etten-Leur

Bisschopsmolenstraat 235, Etten-Leur

The Bisschopsmolen was built for the Bishop of Antwerp in 1744 and was the successor of three centuries-old standerdmills. Between 1561 and 1795, Etten-Leur fell under the diocese of Antwerp. Through the mill, the bishop had a fixed source of income ... Read more

The Bisschopsmolen is a scaffolding mill in Etten-Leur on the Bisschopsmolenstraat. The mill had the function of a flour mill until 1959.

The Bisschopsmolen, built in 1744 on the spot where a previous mill was destroyed by fire, belonged to the bishop of Antwerp until around 1800, hence the name. The bishop's weapon can still be found on the east side. In 1990 the Bisschopsmolen was restored internally and externally. The Bisschopsmolen stands - very appropriately - in the Bisschopsmolenstraat in the southern part of the built-up area.

In 1959, the municipality of Etten and Leur became the owner of the mill. The mill is still grinding after a number of restorations.

The Bisschopsmolen is open to the public on certain days. At those moments the flags / banners flutter on the mill. This happens every now and then on Friday or Saturday. The mill is always open during the West Brabant Mills Day (always at the end of March) and during the National Mills Day (usually the second weekend in May).

Bisschopsmolenstraat 235, 4876AM Etten-Leur