De Vangkooi (trap)

Windgat 31, Etten-Leur

A piece of cultural history in the countryside. Resting point for cyclists and walkers. Read more

A trap was originally a gathering place for cattle, which was removed from the polders behind it. For transport or waiting for a vet visit. Due to the land consolidation in 1998, the trap at the Haansberg lost its function and the future looked downright rusty. In 2009, students from the Radius College's roadworks department and from the metal vocational training course changed this by subjecting the trap to a thorough refurbishment.

The Vangkooi, which has been given the name 'De Bochten', is now a resting place for cyclists and walkers. So we can safely talk about a piece of cultural history. Nowhere else in the area is such a trap to be found.

At the Vangkooi, at the junction of the Haansberg and Windgat, an information board has been placed with text and explanations, there are a few picnic benches and it will soon become the official starting point (around the summer) for the walking route Het Laarzenpad through the Kelsdonk nature reserve.

Windgat 31, Etten-Leur